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Zip In Zoom Out and Earn Points While Doing It

The Frequent Parker Program is a better way to earn free airport parking. It was designed with you, the air traveler, in mind. Simply register for the program online and begin earning reward points today.

With the Frequent Parker Program, you earn twenty points for each dollar you spend with us and since points are based on dollars, you earn more points for longer stays. You can earn points in any lot, and you can redeem them for free parking in any lot.

Earn Points, Park Free

To use your Frequent Parker Program card simply swipe your card at the entrance and again at the exit. We will automatically charge your stay to your credit card that you provided at the time of sign-up. You can then check the status of your Frequent Parker Program account through this website. You can view your current number of earned points and also check your current number of free days of parking. Once you have earned a free day or days of parking, you can select on which day(s) you wish to redeem your rewards through this website. Then use your Frequent Parker Program Card as usual and the reward will be applied automatically.

Need your receipt?

Go online and print out your receipt from your account activity page at your convenience.

Frequent Parker Program Instructions

Click here to download Frequent Parker Program Instructions